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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Seen you chat about this a lot Ray, surely it's obvious why it's there at the point of manufacture, I can hear the lawyers voice right now as I type this.

You also have to remember not everyone is like us lot, I can point you at several forums where they are all running guns over 18ft+. Now I can hear you saying doesn't this just prove the case then? Well no it doesn't.

And the reason they haven't said anything? No desire to make waves or draw attention, life in manufacturing is hard enough and who wants to see the same laws of German introduced here.
I don't understand why we, the customer, should be put in a position where we cannot comply to the legislation.
The manufacturers managed to sell us PCP's rifles from the late 70's up to 1997 without any concern as to our, or others well being or whether they were legal or not. (the legislation hasn't changed)

We now reach a stage where the manufacturers try and ensure (and as you have pointed out, quite unsuccessfully if we have so many running over 18FPE) that we cannot comply with the law. I find it strange that we are subject to a law that we cannot comply with by a third party. I also do not know of any other parallel within the legal system.

The manufacturers have made no effort to explain why this action has been taken, neither do they advise what action you should take if you rifle does fall foul of the law. Why not?
Interestingly not all manufacturers fit AT anyway.

Perhaps we would get the French limits instead of the German ones.

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