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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Seen you chat about this a lot Ray, surely it's obvious why it's there at the point of manufacture, I can hear the lawyers voice right now as I type this.

You also have to remember not everyone is like us lot, I can point you at several forums where they are all running guns over 18ft+. Now I can hear you saying doesn't this just prove the case then? Well no it doesn't.

And the reason they haven't said anything? No desire to make waves or draw attention, life in manufacturing is hard enough and who wants to see the same laws of German introduced here.
Sorry Martin but i really don't agree with the "let's keep quiet and nobody will notice us" train of thought. In this day and age it appears that the ones with the loudest voices are heard by those in power. The fact that we still have no confirmation about AT laws and no standard pellet weight (forensic testing) says loads about the failings of AMTA and BASC.

Most on here have target shooting rifles running around the 775-785 mark...that means that if our rifles were taken and tested, every single one of us would be ready for 5 years inside (if the max penalty was given) absolute friggin' joke

I can understand AMTA being as much use as a sloar powered fog horn as they are in the trades pocket, but BASC should be chasing this down with every opportunity. The only people to benefit from AT are the manufacturers and the Post Office. You only have to look at the new AA and Daystate rifles to understand that they have been designed to go back to the factory for every little problem.

I can see the arguement for keeping the tinkering muppets out of rifles as i've come across some right abortions when servicing Steyrs which were totally down to the previous owners. Steyrs have no AT so are easy to get into but most on here, with limited engineering skills and tooling can remove the AT from almost every rifle on the market. The problem i see is that shooters seem to be split down the middle with one group looking to keep within the law (target shooters mostly) and those that don't give a Monkeys chuff....and in my experience tend to hunters. I went ratting a few years ago with a mate and 2 lads i didn't know who were shooting rapids at 18ftlb, quite happy to state that they had no FAC and that i was a '*****' for mentioning it to them as "they're only air rifles"....FFS!!

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