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Default Please be aware

Well it is almost time for us to host our round of the MFTA winter league.

My apologies for those of you familiar with our ground for repeating myself from last year but hopefully the following will just prepare everyone.

CAR PARKING, we have limited space, PLEASE car share where possible (even if it means travelling with someone you don't like). We thought it would be better this year but yet more development is taking up valuable space. It may mean that some cars will be blocked in but I am sure we can all work around things without fuss.

One section of our course is on land that doesn't belong to us, we are given permission to use this. HOWEVER it is an area for walkers from the surrounding area and we want to keep them on our side. Access will be blocked so no one should enter the field but keep an eye out for anyone who shouldn't be there. Should there be any problems get a marshal to deal with it.

Non FT shooters from our club may also be shooting rimfire and match airgun competitions on the ranges. Please try not to disturb them, they know there is a FT comp on (or at least they should do) but even so.

I haven't looked too closely at the weather forecast but our clubhouse is now a proper clubhouse so there is some shelter and a burger van is booked.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday.



And watch out for speed cameras on the approaches.
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