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I think GS points are quite valid. There is an insecurity with new kit.

No matter how good something is, it has to be as accommodating as the the present kit, and offer an improvement... then the price can be weighed up. I know from trying the leups... i had a 20-50 and a 40x comp and my current scopes all in my possession for ages, yet I just couldn't drop the custom shop... it just felt like home. The only reason I went away from the white walther was that it had a reg problem and I had to use my spare... which is why I sold no.3 because it rarely got used, and hardly ever in anger.

As said, perhaps if someone suddenly improved after getting a peice of kit, then others may take note. The best endorsement a top shot can give a peice of kit is to keep using it and keep putting in the high scores, as really it's only going to be a marginal improvement even if the new kit is better, and there's a risk it could hold a shooter back if it doesn't suit. And top shots are probably the worst for changing their habits, both in kit and in shooting technique... anything going wrong and they cry home to mama (even if they haven't established the actual cause of the performance drop).

I could be quite critical of a gun that was designed for FT... i think it fell into the trap of being designed to be sold for FT instead. However I don't think it's without solution.

i hope the March will stand tall enough for me to do a side by side with the S&B.
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