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Originally Posted by blackscale View Post
I think the Viper 'whiting out' is an is vitally important that introduce parralax error to get rid of Ihatever scope you use, you develop a system that tells you when your eye is centre and when it's not!...That is WHATEVER scope you use imo
Only ever found whiting out is when youve got the sun coming in at a weird angle, this has cased me to introduce parralax to get rid of it which aint good , never quite sure whether it was the reflection of my eye looking back at me , I went over to the connect to get rid of it which it has done for the most part , must be the most px free scope ive used but aint as clear as the viper but the depth of field and huge picture has made the advantage of blurr range finding insignificant compared to the finer detail of looking at grass and stuff moving in the line of fire much more usefull , hope this helps
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