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Hi Greg,
Interesting points.........there's always going to be a lag time between intro of new equipment and the uptake of same equipment.

New up-takers are keen for the latest, and prepared to pay top dollar. The majority will wait until costs are within reason (relatively) either second hand or there's market correction (unlikely).

There also has to be a perceived need to change from one's own kit, and whether in fact the equipment is what is holding back the scores? New flash Italian shoes isn't always better than a comfy pair of slippers around the house!

With all the "adapted from other disciplines" kit doing so well and really much more accurate than the shooter themselves,.......I don't think uptake will be quick. Until someone has a blinder of a season using the new kit together and proving it is a must have.........

The more I find out about my rig (cheap but effective scope notwithstanding), the less I am inclined to change just for the sake of it.


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