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Question GP's & FT's

At the beginning of this year's Season I eagerly awaited the action to start with a view to seeing the introduction of the Daystate GP & the Schmidt & Bender FT, both FT specific equipment in a sport dominated by adapted kit from other shooting disciplines. I wondered if the new gear would take the FT world by storm or would the massed ranks of Leup topped Dommies, EV's & Steyrs still hold sway?
Yet it became apparent that the S&B would be a trickle on the scene only, because of commitments to the U.S. Military & the GP invasion on to the GP scene amounted to three rifles, I think. When the Midland Game Fair came around with the European Championships associated with it, I would have expected some kind of promotion of this FT specific equipment. There WERE GP's on the Daystate stand yes but no particular effort to associate the FT rifle with the event happening a few dozen yards away!
Likewise, a week latter at the FT World Championships, it was an Air Arms EV2 that was the prize to the best FT shooter in the World, not a Daystate GP rifle, although atleast several more were in action there as the South African competitors had recently taken delivery of some.
Now, why would a Company go to the trouble of developing a piece of equipment for a specific sport then not push it at every opportunity? I mean, FT is a marginal sport yes but it was when the idea of the GP & the FT were considered for the first time, it didn't suddenly become a niche market, it always was!
Regardless of whether you think the Daystate GP rifle or the S&B FT scope are good pieces of gear or not, it seems odd to me that Sport specific equipment such as these haven't made more of an impact on the sport they are specific too. Price, especially in a depressed period, as we are going through at the moment, must surely be a reason, both items are the lion's share of two grand here but even in a depression people will find the money to pursue their hobbies, perhaps especially in a depression, after all how many Angling shops & Golf Clubs have you seen closing down due to lack of interest?
Perhaps they require a bit more time, maybe next Season will see the S&B Übberscoped GP's appearing in greater numbers on the circuit, who knows?
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