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Happy New Year dear friends.

Hope during 2015, every shooter improves their scores and that we all could enjoy Field Target as a growing serius sport.

And with that idea on mind, I came to check this posts.

As I read, more questions came:

Are 24 days what the future of Field Target deserves ?
No further proposals ?
Where are WFTF matters being discussed ?
Is there any plan in using WFTF as a promotional org. for FT rather than just Worlds org. ?
Who is directing or will be directing all this?
Who knows were is the WFTF forum ? WFTF web page ?
WFTF proposals and voting?
Will there be a RGB asembly/meeting in Lithuania ?

Thanks you all for FT, it now requires a further step or effort from the founding fathers.

I think that IPSC, ISFF, Golf, Formula One and 1000 etc.s shows us lots of world wide organizations from wich ideas can be taken, so sponsors and fees provide paid staff so SHOOTERS could enjoy SHOOTING. For me, It does not make sense that a top shooter does not shoots in his country worlds...

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