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I think some people are taking Dops comments seriously...he has cast his worm and the fish are biting!...

Please don't take my comments seriously either..
I think the current format is pretty much perfect, with enough thought a decent course setter can pretty much guarantee to prevent even the best shots from clearing....pretty much!

Yet i think there are enough easier or 'gettable' targets to keep lesser shots or newbs happy!

As for pulling targets, i think as long as anybody marshalling is fully aware there are replacement targets available and will indeed be replaced if atall possible, then it will all be good!

I was fortunate to 'gain' from a target that was pulled at one event...very unusual for me...i normally lose out because of it.......these things do have a way of levelling themselves out over the season though, i believe!

As Tone said, we are there to enjoy the day, shed loads of banter and enjoy some of the best senery you could wish make a few mates along the way!...nuffin bad about that!

Now wheres that worm hiding....
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