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Originally Posted by w-v-m View Post
You been hitting the wife beater a bit hard and early mate??
Dop , drinking, NEVER, usually never anyway I believe the poor lads been excerting himself on putting out another pucker SH course over the last few days , yes days , 3 as far as I, m aware, minimal help, maximum hinderance, just like he likes it weirdo
For what its worth my first year in this game aint seen people retire on proceeds of their outstanding prowess, I thought its about enjoying yourself ,
I dont suppose there were more than 10 targets pulled in the nationals , never disrupted my enjoyment (buxted ahem )
Seen more targets falling when they shouldnt , we gonna call them hmmmmm , not our fault a faulty targets given you 2 points
Experienced a few controversial descisions this year, no ones perfect, I would just like to thank the Federation for their hardwork and commitments , seems to be a few comments regarding angled shots and kill zone entry sizes that might be nice to be cleared up as I see these shots as creative
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