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Originally Posted by The Dictator View Post
What do i do?
Do i wipe my mouth of it or do i call a marshal and take a chance that the spring in the chilly checker has weakened enough for me to blag the target, or that he misfires with it and embarrassingly pulls the target from the comp?
your thoughts.
To hang your hat on a weakened chilly spring is a bit tenuous Ben

At one national I was unfortunate to call not one but two targets (and the first targets I have ever called I should say), and both of the targets were deemed faulty, so it does happen.

However, the light plays tricks as you see the pellet strike the target, I would say that the percentage that are deemed faulty against the number that are called must only run at about 10 or 15%, hence the new rules seem fair and proportional.

HFT is quite unique in the shooting disciplines as you don't have divisions or classes of different abilities. I shoot LSR & Pistol, and have won a few medals but not often in the A class or 1st division.

That's why HFT shooters should always firstly look to beat themselves (not beat themselves up ), their PB and celebrate small victories like getting a kneeler or stander, rather than look at the overall winners to judge their abilities against.

It's the challenge of knocking the tin chicken down aswell as the banter around the course and the spectacular scenery that draws most of us.
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