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Originally Posted by The Dictator View Post
Yesterday, the forthcoming UKAHFT season was a year away, now its only a few months until our first shoot.
With this in mind and feeling that i need to perhaps be somewhat prepared for this season, i wonder what new rules/changes the federation have incurred upon us?
I know that late last season the rule of being able to pull a target that was either deceptively long or in a tricky wind was banned, but what was the outcome of this? Am i still allowed to call a marshal to check a target that i "ought to have got" or indeed check a target that i "saw the paddle wobble" on, or do i now have to accept my score for what it is?
If the federation could clarify this rule and perhaps indicate any other changes/additions then i'd find it a lot easier to sleep at night.
I'll be honest I've never been totally sold on faulty targets, true there are occurrences where they do fail but not on the frequency of which they are called. Just my ten pence.
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