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Wink happy new year

happy new year all,

2014 has passed, and I like to reflect on the passed year and look forward on 2015. By this I want to take the opportunity to put some thoughts out there. I have been to many different comps and saw that FT is going somewhere. It's growing, and that's a good thing. But where is it growing to and where does or where do we need it to grow to? Questions I don't have the answer for. But I can tell where I would like to see it grow to. I would like to see FT to be more then a hobby. For this to be, there should change some things. For one, every FT shooter should be shooting by the same shooting rules. If this would happen in 2015 a miracle would have happened in my eyes. And by this reason I won't even go to where I think the WFTF should grow to or why we have two euro's in Europe... I just hope by this, that everyone involved, just have a good look in the mirror and not only think about there self. See the bigger picture. I have tried to follow up on good advice ==> try to shoot as many comps on as many different places as you can. And I have never seen a bigger diversity in a sport then in FT. I don't want to offend anybody, just put my thoughts out there.

Special thanks and respect go out to Calps family and himself for having me during the Paul James British recolling championship, to Paula and Simon Higgins, to Mark Stanton, to Shaun Shore and all the others behind the BFTA, to Blanae Gwent ftc, to Castle ftc, to Anston ftc, to Emeley Moore ftc, to Redfearns ftc, to little Jack, to Tesla, to Sanjon, to Rupher, to Thomas, to Connor, to the Italian open crew, to Roger Moy, to everyone ho gave me advice or helped me out with FT, to all of the people I don't know there name but want to thank as well, to you of being part to the FT community. Thank you very much.

Kind regards
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