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Default FX Rifles

Firstly Happy New Year to everyone.
I bought a Bobcat after trying someone else's. My initial impression of the one I tried was that it threw the odd shot. I was shooting 7.9s and it turned out that the rifle was only chucking out 10.5 ft lbs.
Not put off, I bought one second hand for 850 which is cheap for one of these. Cheap enough to re-sell if I didn't like it.
Anyway put a scope on it and found it shot exactly the same as the previous one I had tried. Odd shot very low. Checked the power and it was just over 11 ft/lbs. It's now up to 11.9 and after changing to 8.4s, the accuracy was very much improved, so contrary to what is claimed for the smooth twist barrel, I think it is pellet sensitive.

Power consistency was excellent and agree with FX, that a reg is not necessary.

Initially used the multi-shot magazines which came with the gun, but they are a pain to reload and not permitted for FT (I think). The space available to load single shot is restrictive, but I quickly got used to it. Anyway, I heard that FX have a single shot adaptor so I tried this. In fact it was rubbish as the pellet could end up pointing the wrong way and it was difficult to see this without holding the action on its side. So modified the adaptor and it's much easier to get the pellet in and you can now see which way its pointing. Not sure though if its any better with or without the adaptor.

The Bullpup trigger was very adjustable, but it always feels like a Bullpup trigger due to the linkages; even though it is reported that it is one of the better ones for a Bullpup. I can get used to it, but nowhere near as fine as my EV2.

So far I find the stock does not suit FT sitting position due to no palm support. I therefore decided to make a new wooden stock and fit a Jon Harris adjustable palm shelf to it. The stock is complete, with Brian Samson butt hook, but waiting for the palm support at the moment.
Regarding accuracy, I found that it hits everything at 45yds, but as I was never comfortable with the standard stock, I will reserve judgement for 55yds until I get the right stock set up.
I do find it easier to shoot standers with it and to be honest that's why I wanted to try a Bullpup.
Will report back with results and pictures when I get everything sorted.
EV2 Mk3+Sightron SIII 10-50 x 60 LRIRMOA / Bushnell 8-32

Theoben Rapid 12 FAC


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