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I've had a Plano DLX double for about 10 years and it's done OK. Big enough to hold an EV2 with big Nikko mounted. Reasonably tough, fairly light and not too pricey. It's far more rigid than the cheap plastic Flambeau cases.

I've also got a Peli Storm iM3200 and an iM3220 (but looked at the Peli 1720 and 1750) which are really heavy duty, they are significantly more robust than anything else on the market. I think you could drop them off the top of a tall building and the contents would be absolutely fine. Comes at a cost though and they are heavy. The wheels really help to move them around. The iM3300 is the longer version.

The Plano is fine for most stuff and can be secured reasonably well, if you're just looking for a bit more protection and security than a soft bag this will do the job. The Peli cases are on another level and are the only case I'd happily hand over to a baggage handler and expect it to arrive intact at the other end. The Flambeau cases are quite flimsy and the shell material is too thin and flexible to provide any significant protection from a bash. I've still got the one my EV came in and it's only marginally better, if at all, than a really decent soft bag with proper foam but it can be locked if you have minors in the house.
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