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Originally Posted by jambo1984 View Post
My doughnut was from a twig but I thought it made it that tad harder I could of knocked it down if I was a better for that stander the branch didn't cover the kill zone if anything it made the plate size smaller no bother..

My point exactly, twigs that get hit and clipped off then make that target different for the people following. Objects used to make the course more difficult should be pellet resistant so they remain there for every shooter.
The unsupported stander was more difficult for taller people who had to crouch to shoot under the branches.

I visited the zero range too, to the right of the shed the firing line was at an acute angle from the shed to the corner of the fence, I could see it was an easy solution to place it like this but the target board marked distances could not have been correct along all of the firing line so of no use at all to check poi elevation.

I also noticed at least one shooter with a length of wool tied to the front of their rifle which is not allowed in HFT. maybe this was noticed by the Marshals? but it was towards the end of the comp when I noticed it. If not and you want a pic of the competitor so you know who to have a word with let me know.

People travel a long way to shoot, fuel food and entry fee can add up to a substantial amount, it is not just 7, it could be a 50 day out so the details do matter!

Hints from my observations over Furnace Mill is a super venue but a young club on the competition circuit, I do hope you can quickly gain the experience to mature into a host of shoots to the standard competitors desire for regional and national series comps.
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