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Feedback is crucial to getting things right for those shooters who spend time & money supporting clubs especially in their early days. Anyone not prepared to take advice from one of the countries top shooters is foolish.

I had to contend with twigs on some targets but as they were some way ahead of the firing line I managed to avoid them (not that it helped). If the issue was twigs at the peg then we have a miscommunication and the marshal should have made the chief marshal aware of this.

Of the top 25 scorers, the donuts (that twigs can cause) totalled 4 from 750 shots. Three of those were on that very difficult stander (9). Two of those came at almost the end of the shoot and midway respectively for two of those shooters. If anyone can recall if this was a particular twig problem we would really be interested in knowing (especially you Porky)

To me this feedback has increased my resolve to ensure any course I help set out represents a fair one for all shooters and everyone goes home happy. So your feedback Simon is invaluable and I'm sure appreciated by the entire team at FM.
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