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While we shooters really do appreciate the effort that the setters put into putting out a courses I cant help thinking that a few minutes more would have made this event a whole lot better and turned it into a fair competition. Many competitors mentioned having twigs across kills. Ours groups first 4 lanes all had twigs across the kill without a clear path through from within 2 feet either side of the peg, by the 4th lane I decided to fetch a marshal who decided it was ok to have to thread a shot through twigs and would not remove them. I was under the impression he thought it would be the same for all shooters and therefore fair. Take a look at the scores, 2 points covered the top 8 people, a twig made all the difference today as it would on any day, of course after someone had hit one and clipped it off the target then became quite different for the rest of the field so same for everyone certainly did not apply.
To drive long distances in appalling conditions to have the outcome be a lottery decided on whether a shooter before you clipped a twig off or not is no fun. After completing the course I checked the our first few lanes again, some twigs had been hit and clipped off, the course did not remain the same for all. Obstacles that wont be removed by a pellet and remain the same for all are fine if they are within the rules.

I shall read future FM shoot reports with interest and maybe consider visiting this lovely venue again if the course quality makes the grade.

Thanks to Edd and Jane for being excellent hosts and to those who worked in the cold to put this event on. I do hope you see this as constructive input into how future comps can be made better.

I should also add that I didn't hit any twigs, this is not sour grapes. But it did make for an unfair course for everyone and while I am sure there will be much deserved praise for your efforts I also feel this should be said.
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