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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Totally agree with the above and I've even found that different batches, although grouping the same, have a slightly different POI. I have 2 batches that group really well, batch 34 and batch 22. There was nothing between them in group sizes but the batch 34 were 5 mm lower at 45 real probs for the FT lads but could make the difference between a split or a kill in HFT.

I tend to find that my Steyr will spit the odd shot at 1 0 clock when it doesn't like a batch or if the barrel is getting a bit dirty.
I have found this too Chris. Though when my Steyr doesn't like a batch or needs a barrel clean it tends to throw pellets low to 4 O'clock.

You are lucky to have 10 sleeves of a mega 2012 batch that suit your barrel Conner. They will keep you going for a while. Obviously you will not be selling those, as a mega batch that suits your barrel hard to come by these days!!! I don't think the quality of express are as good as they used to be.

My experience is that certain batches of pellets simply just suit certain barrels. A few of us at the club tried the 2012 express in cz, bsa, lw, and barley twist barrels and couldn't get them to group at all. Too many fliers.

Yet all of the barrels seemed to group well with a batch of 2007 exacts and 2009? Daystate Selects both of which had very good (and similar) BC's.

I also totally agree with what others are saying about head size and have found that both tight and lose fitting pellets are capable of good groups.

Happy Christmas everyone.
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