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Originally Posted by Gary Martin View Post
very consistant, but if the barrel can be tuned so the pellet exits at or near to a node the barrel is not moving at the node or if it exits close to the node its moving slowly.
Yes, but that would mean the pellet would have to be the same speed though roughly?

We know lock time is around 8ms. Lets say it is.

8/1000th of a second.

and we know in 1 second it travels 800ft, give or take, but lets say it is.

so in 1/100th, it travels 8 feet... in one 8/100th it travels 64 feet, in 8/1000 it travels 6.4 ft.

but lets change that muzzle velocity by 1 fps.

so in 1/100th, it travels 7.99 feet, in 8/100th it travels 63.92 feet, so in 8/1000th it travels 6.92 ft.

lets convert those two distances to meters to give us a better idea...

6.4ft is 1.950 m or 1950 mm

6.39 ft is 1.947 m or 1947 mm

Which means that the barrel wobble has to be still for at least 1/2 the length of a pellet if 1fps isn't going to make any difference

and if your gun can't do variation of muzzle velocity below 1fps, and say does 3 then it needs to stay still for a pellet 1cm long to pass, and if it's 5 then etc.

So to prove that barrel harmonics actually make a difference in terms of being able to time the pellet's exit with a node on the wave where it's not moving, lets hear what the actual Hz frequency is that we're dealing with, because if it's anything that doesn't stay still to pass say 1-1.5cm of lead through it, then it's looking like voodoo to me.
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