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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
Totally agree with the above and I've even found that different batches, although grouping the same, have a slightly different POI. I have 2 batches that group really well, batch 34 and batch 22. There was nothing between them in group sizes but the batch 34 were 5 mm lower at 45 real probs for the FT lads but could make the difference between a split or a kill in HFT.

I tend to find that my Steyr will spit the odd shot at 1 0 clock when it doesn't like a batch or if the barrel is getting a bit dirty.
I've got 2 MOA vertical spread between batches of JSB Exact express. That's not bad grouping, it's 2 MOA between the groups at 55 yds across the batches. They weigh the same, they come out of the barrel at the same speed, they even look the same, and yet one drops more than the other.

Probably something for Brian's chrono theory.

They both group the same. And take the same amount of wind, as best someone could tell in the field.
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