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Barry, playing devils advocate here a bit. But why put something on that replaces the item " muzzle break" that was I suggest been tested and made for the rifle. This may be complete nonsense but just a thought. I have had mine a year and to get out the bag still makes me smile. Although I did have a reg go down in the first months.
All these rifles can be improved I suppose but I think the FTP900 has got the look and if only I could shoot as well as it looks and behaves I would be a happy bunny.
Having said that I know a guy who has stripped his down to a stock and barrel and thinks the g
In does not shoot very well!!!!!!!!!
Bought the new HFT500 last month now that's a very good rifle, mods on that could be an idea. But shot count superb and accuracy as good as the FTP500, now that is food for thought.

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