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Default Different Batches - How much difference does it really make?

Hi All

I have a HW97 which seemed to love an old batch (old style tin) of JSB Express but I have now run out of.

If I'm completely honest I didn't believe that different batches made that much difference, maybe a couple of mm in group size but that's about it...but now I'm thinking differently.

Bought a new lot of Express' and tested them at 35 yards with the 97, which it would previously do a ragged one hole group (about 10mm edge to edge), and I'm struggling to get consistent groupings.

I don't think its me - Shooting off a table meant I was fairly steady. Not the wind either as was indoors. The 97 is consistent over the chrono and all stock screws are tight, so don't think its the gun...leaving me with the pellets, which are about the only thing which has changed

So what I'm asking you lot is how much difference does a different batch really make? For example are we talking a few mm's or are we talking about groups opening up and fliers happening

I seem to be getting quite a few fliers, one time it'll shoot a nice right 5 shot group, the next might have a couple of fliers, about 1-2cm away - which I know isn't me.

Could this be that my 97 just doesn't like this particular batch, or cohld there be something else?

Many Thanks

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