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I've had an FTP since the end of September.

I haven't used it a tremendous amount but it has been difficult to fault. In my opinion the stock, in particular, is a bit of a masterpiece. The only modification I would consider on the stock is some means by which I could move the butt plate higher, a greater range of adjustment.

Considering that it doesn't have a mechanical recoil cancelling device it's very refined to shoot.

Indoors at 50 yards the groups are tremendous. I've had no sign of POI shift. It is the most consistent gun I've ever chronoed; all of the 30-odd shots I tested came in at between 766 and 770 fps with pellets straight from the tin.

I haven't fiddled with the gun in any way, it's exactly as it came out of the box.

I think that for 1400 (assuming it works) you can't go wrong, don't get me wrong it's still a lot of money for a slug gun but it's significantly less loot than it's main competitors. I'd be happy to use mine in competition.

I think the standard barrel mounting arrangement is very interesting and bravo to Air Arms for trying something different. The barrel is significantly damped, it's difficult to see how it can be affected by vibration. The pattern of group sizes at different ranges is utterly logical, something I can't quite say about some of my other target rifles. The trade-off is the potential for zero shift should anything move, though I've not seen this happen.

The standard of finish is fantastic. I'm not 100 per cent sold on the look of the thing but it's incredibly comfortable.

Until I had a good look at one I just assumed it was a further tweak of the Protarget/EV2. To some extent it is exactly that, but there are some serious developments; I can't believe anyone will replace the stock, it's that good. The barrel arrangement really could be a breakthrough - unless you get lucky or are prepared to tune it a floating barrel is not always the answer. The gun is also more weather proof than the EV2 as it doesn't have a hole in the top of the action for the cocking lug.

To a certain extent I wish I'd sold it before I used it as it's a huge distraction from my main gun. I really enjoy shooting it, which is maybe the best thing you can say about any toy.

I may be somewhat biased as I didn't have to pay for mine, nor do I get tested with it in competition, it's a kind of zero-pressure relationship.
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