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Default Thanks johnnyboy.

I currently hang my hat at most of the time but I like to wander around the world too. I don't own an air rifle any more, wife and kids come first. I could buy one on credit but I don't like to owe money and my wife would not like it either. So instead I am trying to build an air rifle which is turning into a joke. My 24" air tube has shrunk to 14 inches due threading issues, out of round issues, just stupid crap. So now everything goes in a 4 jaw chuck and gets dial indicated and trued. I've also gone through about 20 inches of solid round stock aluminum but I will get there, don't care if I pull all of my hair out in the process. Funny, I used to own a Stey LG100 connect (two of those at different times), an MFR and should have bought an EV2 MKII that was offered to me when I had money. It was worked on by Allen Zasadny here in the states and he is a fantastic tuner, matter of fact it was his personal air rifle. Shoot me now please.
I do meant it though, the English have such a better grasp and following for field target that is not here in the states. As soon as possible though I will go shoot FT, I have a club less than 10 miles from me and I will get to it.
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