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Originally Posted by vinny View Post
so far I have noticed that all chronos differ, whether its calibration I dont know, one things for sure light levels and angles across th sensors seem to make a significant difference , hence why some use diffusers above them, if you want to run at max power I would use one of the units that utilise the tunnel for shooting through , ive used the same type side by side and differ by 10fps, even muzzle break types alledgedly can cause issues , play safe mate get your newscope and rifle in an area where it can be no risk and learn those parameters , keep changing everything will give you a learning curve but will cost you points , remember the old adage , beware the bloke with one gun, try to keep the variables limited otherwise you will be continally guessing
Sez the bloke with the dilemma of what to shoot?hmmmm the 500 or the 900 lol

Thanks for the advice vin.
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