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Re your HFT scope.

It can be fun trying lots of different kit.

You have to decide if you want to shoot HFT purely for fun, and that will mean using what kit you want, even if that puts you at a disadvantage to the majority ... or you go into it with the intention of doing the best that you possibly can.

I shot years of HFT using a springer and using a 30/30 ret. It is easily possible to use rets other than half mil dot etc in HFT. I just learned the aim points of the ret I had. The disadvantage you will have is if you want to use the ret to rangefind. I still had a few references with my 30/30 ret to help range but it's easier with a multi point ret if you can be bothered to learn or carry charts and use the system like Brian Samson describes very well.

Your choice ... whether you want to be a bit different and use what you want or whether you want to get the best scores you possibly can.

Just enjoy it whatever you decide.

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