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Originally Posted by what barn door View Post
I am fairly new to this forum so please go easy if I have posted into the wrong thread.

I have several rifles all in .177, some pcp and some springers. I have noticed that with several of my scopes the following problems.

1, Grouping moves and becomes poor upon changing magnification. So if I set up a rifle in a fixed position, zero the scope at a set magnification (say 6x). Then move the magnification up to say 9x, the centre has moved and when rifle adjusted to put cross hair onto original poa, zero is off.

2, Setting eye relief on a couple of nikko stirling produces a very unstable reticle. This appears to be because the eye piece/lens physically moves as it appears to become loose.

Is there such a thing as an affordable (sub 100) but reliable scope that will last more than six months and is ok on a springer such as the LGU.

Many thanks for any help on this,

Hi WBD and welcome to the forum. It's actually quite common for the cheaper scopes to change POI with a change in the mag setting.....although not really sure under what circumstances you would need to be adjusting the mag so much?, unless close in ratting maybe?...i suspect it's down to the fact that you're using a scope from the 'cheaper' end of the market, that probably applies to your eye relief problem as well. Maybe you could use something to stabilise the lens, tape or loctite?

For around the 100 quid mark you can get a SH MTC 10x44 Viper that should eradicate the problems you're having...not sure how you feel about fixed 10 mag but less to go wrong
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