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Originally Posted by vinny View Post
Gaz, further to our conversation at cambridge , i take it your referring to the top paddle only ?
I can see alot of clarification about this to be coming forth now
OK lets try to answer this without LOTS of clarification (purely talking UKAHFT rules here)

The rules states the paddles cannot exceed 2.25", it does not state anything about spacers !!! this rule was written to cover the standard flipper type paddle & was brought in to stop people trying to get an advantage & basically taking the P I SS.

Where none std flipper type butt pads are concerned its down to Pete Sparkes & myself to decide where the measurement would be taken from & whether it's legal or not.

The top paddle on the above rifle would be measured from where the 3 small sections curve away from the vertical, this measurement must not exceed 2.25"
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