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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
It seems to have a small shift at around 8 degrees of about 2.5 at 55.
At 22 it seems to do the same other way to perhaps 1-2 yds at 55.
At 26-7 it's moved 4 and is done shifting (well as far as I can tell in the temps I've shot)
At 2-3 it's probably moved 4 yds the other way.

I set it at 16. Anything 10-20 and I'm not fussed. It's on the yd.
I haven't had the conditions to check it properly. On nice days when you fancy shooting you can get ambient temps that rise higher than you think even with snow on the ground. On hot days you can have fun with mirage.
Makes a lot of sense! I set mine at 25C and the first match was 10C. During the match it over-ranged by 3 yds (at 52 yds). The opposite behavior of my Sightrons.
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