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Posted 08 December 2009 - 05:02 PM

Below are the team of 8 who have provisionaly made the Scottish team!

The top 6 names will be competing with the bottom two in reserve if anyone drops out or has to withdraw!
If all 8 could PM me there details if they havn't done so already, that would be most greatful. (please includ what size of shirt you take please)

You have until Midnight on Monday December 21st to confirm if your available 100%.
those who have qualified are responsible for there applying for there own entries. If you fail to do so then a reserve will be going in your place!

You can download your entry forms here WHFTA Applications please remember to include a S.A.E or you may not get your tickets folks...

The Scottish International Team is:

1. Garrick Nelson
2. Wilson Hendry CONFIRMED
3. Sean Webb CONFIRMED
4. Kenny Weddell CONFIRMED
5. Steve Cochrane CONFIRMED
6. Stuart D Webb CONFIRMED

7. Chris Brunton
8. Ian Horne

Congratulations to all the above, you shot extremely well and lets see if we can all repeat it again at Kelmarsh.

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