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Originally Posted by Dave Ramshead View Post

Anyone had a good look at these yet with FT in mind, compared to a big nikko or similar?

Had the 4.5-30x50 in both mildot and multi-X. I found the rangefinding a bit vague, unlike the Bushy 4200 which is much better scope IMHO. Add to it that you need a 50ft adapter it makes it an expensive option next to a big Nikko.
Optics are lovely and clear, it's just that at 30x it makes it a bit hard to discern the focus point. Add in changing light conditions and it makes it hard work to use as an FT scope.

The front focus 4200 Elite 8-32 is nicer, cheaper, doesn't need the CFA or a sidewheel, and much better as an FT scope if you want to stick with Bushnell. Otherwise, save the pennies and get the big Nikko.

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