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Originally Posted by john0neuk View Post
Hi holly

No but starting to think same way. Need to settle on a setup and give it a good crack!

But it has been a fun ride, have managed to play with some great gear along the way.

It's easy to get wrapped up in it all.

Very true John . i got to a stage where i had so much kit . that one of the gun bag's fell back onto the cupboard door and i could not get it open . had to take the door of the hinges . you become a collector ( spit ) not the way . yes have as many pistols as you like ( cannot hit a barn door with mine ) but two or three rifles is enough ( two puff gun's and a springer ) i tell you what i like the look of is the new Impact air guns Reveloution GSX 600 . i reckon that would be a good rifle for HFT ??? HOLLY
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