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Originally Posted by john0neuk View Post
Cheers Tugg

Remember seeing an article a while back singing their praises as the "HFT scope we have been waiting for"

On paper and from accumulated advice on here they seem to have some of the key essentials - good Depth of field, small objective. so in theory limited parallax issues. Consistent eye relief position and a mag range that covers most peoples choices - I shoot at 10x. Just wondering whether that has added up to a good experience in use and any notable results.
i have got one on the ftp900 and it works really well,however i now have one on the hft 500 and it seems a bit odd, probably more down to the sharp comb,
I will say one big downer about it is the bloody things steaming up in the winter especially if theres a lack of breeze , you get to the point where you rush a shot, not good
Not quite so sure on unsupported positionals either , still as tugg says , bit of a marmite scope
Defo not as clear as a viper 10x44 either
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