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Originally Posted by jimwillsher View Post
...and looking at their website ( they say they can fill to 340 BAR. Before I contact the shop, does anyone here have any experience of working with such high pressure cylinders?...
Probably best to contact them IMO and ask about availability, cost and size.

My experience of very high pressure cylinders is a little out of date but they were all used in purely industrial capacities. 350/450/600 BAR systems used as power sources/accumulators to allow high demand short duration loads whilst a relatively small compressor would then recharge them.

Typically these would be multi-cylinder set ups using 50 litre "tanks" in banks, I can't recall seeing small capacity (12 ltr and smaller) cylinders with WP > 300BAR.

Some dive shops have a similar accumulator set up for recharging, and I suspect the 340 BAR they reference is their compressor max output?
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