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Originally Posted by sharkydesoldier View Post
Hi Everyone, was just wondering if anyone had any history on this rifle its serial number 001 and its the blue special edition but I was wondering if anyone out there knows where it used to shoot, I bought it from Billy so I know that much but before him anyone know, anyway heres some pics for everyone
I think number 1 was possibly the demonstrator rifle Steve Wilkins used to take to major competitions for prospective customers to try. Is there a name engraved on the trigger block? If not then this would back this theory up, John Ostler or Steve himself would be able to confirm this. That rifle was featured in Airgun World in 1992, and was on the front cover modelled by Terry Doe's bit of fluff at the time. I also saw one in the USA being used by one of the American shooters, don't know who this was though, or the number of that rifle
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