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Originally Posted by Porkybella View Post
Hi all recently ive bought an ev2 mk4 ive been told to purchase a napier pull thru kit apparently after every tin of pellets u need to pull em thru due to being match barrels how true is this.
Barrel cleaning is a strange one as some barrels need it and some don't. I've had a few steyr's over the yeasrs and one i owned only had a barrel clean once per 6 months but the 2 i have now (both different barrels) need a pull through once per month and some cleaning felts through each shoot. I have owned an EV2 a long time ago and that liked a clean barrel. I think all shooters should have one as it's a simple way to discount a dirty barrel when having grouping problems. My normal steps if a rifle is grouping badly is to clean the barrel and if still bad try different pellets.

I make my own pull throughs so if you want me to pop one in the post please PM me your address
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