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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
I know Nick well and he's a very good is Gordon Burns (when he's not blaming his kit) and Stuart Webb. All very nice chaps as well that i'm chuffed to called friends and honourary Emley International members...along with Jesus. Yes , really.....Jesus is one of the Spanish shooters that comes over every year for the Classic. No wonder the Spanish do so well with Jesus in the team

Anyway, back to kit prices......if you buy one of the new NF or baby March's and pop it onto a Steyr FT then you're not far from the 4k area. I have to admit though that within the last few months i've had 2 MPR's that shocked me for long range acuuracy. i would even say marginally better than my Steyr's......AND probably the best grouping rifles i've ever shot. i'm talking consistant (no wind) sub 15mm groups at 55 yards.
Chris the s400 you sold me last week is testament to that,
I shot it tonight indoors @ petes farm and I was getting a single hole 5mm @35yds and tight cloverleaf at 45yds with parallax error . with a better scope and focussed I reckon I could of got it tighter still.
If it weren't for the fact that I havn't got all my aimpoints dialed in and I want to remount scope on different mounts then I would shoot it this sunday.
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