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Originally Posted by valboskie View Post
Thank you for some really helpful replies and some good varied opinions on different options.
I have shot hft before I started with springers Sandwell field sports stage 2 tuned hw97kt
Venom lazaglide hw95 with 98 barrel and Warren Edwards stock then hw98 vmach
Tx200 mk3 short stroked Nick Gibney piston.

I then moved to pcps and I have never found the one .
A rifle I feel totally comfortable with .
I have tried 5 pcp rifles last season steyr lg110. daystate target. s400 in ginb ft no1 stock.
A custom mpr with fac cylinder nick Jenkins set up Trigger
I now have an mpr in a ginb ft no 7 stock .

Reading a few replies it might be the scope and parallax error might be my problem
I have been using a lightstream ffp scope .
On my springers I used EB snipers but I sold those and bought the lightstream for my pcps.
I had a look through a club members and the glass was so clear I had to have one .

I have looked at the new impact airguns gsx 600 and contacted rapid air weapons they made a few tm 1000 raws with a much deeper stock $50 more.
I Contacted the importer twanado or something like that 1675 for the deeper one .

I think the problem is just me this thread has proven this to me as I have tried a few of the mentioned rifles
I just need to stop reading magazines and sales sections .
picking up ftp900 and the hft 500 in our club shop .

I need to change my scope I think and find one that has very little parallax error that suits my eye.
This might be a bit of a challenge.
I will stick to my mpr for now I have only had it 5 weeks

I have sold 10 rifles in the last 6 months I only have my tx and mpr left
that's why I started this thread to find just one rifle to buy and keep for a few seasons
so I stop chopping and changing .

Thank you for everyone's help

my mpr
Takes some guts to admit that

There's a lot to be said about knowing your kit inside out.
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