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Hi David

I know you have tried a few rifles in the past on the Scottish HFT Circuit. I agree with pretty much all these gentleman with there different points. Most PCPs are accurate so find the one which will fit you best MPR with custom stock or the new AA HFT or BSA Gold star you can afford plus have factory warranty for back up.

Remember rifle is only 25% of the kit the scope is 25% of the kit and pellets are 25% last 25% is the person behind the rifle all of these items have to be working together properly to achieve good results.

Too many people think the rifle does everything its a combination of things a scope which you know how to sort out the parallax error all scopes have parallax error in some degree. Also good pellets that group well in your rifle out to 45 yards your knowledge ie aim pionts and ranging skills etc all need to be achieved to get good results.
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