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Default Worlds your oyster!!

Originally Posted by valboskie View Post
Hi I'm a for a new rifle for next seasons hft.
I'm looking for a pcp and have a budget of 1000 for new or second hand.
I have a few scopes lightstream mtc vipers so just need a rifle.
I am looking for some options with pros and cons for each rifle.
Any and all suggestions are welcome
Hi Dave,

Sounds like you are about to embark on a similar journey as I have taken over the last year! All the attached advice is valid and based on years more experience than I have.
Started with the same budget (be careful you don't get obsessed) - You can if you shop around buy everything good that has proven itself over the years via the 2nd hand market. for that sort of money.

I have done the full suite of current and recent AA bar and MPR, the HFT looks a lovely gun and if it is anything like or better than the couple of Ultimate Sporters I have had then it will be a classic.

Been through a few daystates - at your money a 2nd hand Panther/Target has proven itself and worthy of consideration.

My HW100 was my first love and still used in my target comps weekly, bargain of the year at under 400 with a minor bit of work needed - have since treated to a custom thumbhole stock, A&M cylinder and lots of love!
Had a couple of Steyrs - love the design but I personally couldn't get on with them. They were a bit high maintenance to keep running in the groove for my liking.

The Walther is my best fit gun, I use that for FT and is a good solid performer. Not ideal for HFT in the alutech that I have though.

Best buy for me excluding the HW100 has to be my second hand pro target Mk3 - easy to work on, years of history and just hits the same spot all day long!

2nd user TM1000 should be on your list, they are wonderful and have huge potential across all disciplines incl HFT.

My advice would be to try a few - but I don't subscribe to the go down the club and try somebody elses for a few shots, etc

I honestly believe it takes a while to see if a gun suits and that is weeks and months not hours and days.

So I bought everything I fancied/been recommended within my 1000 budget and even sold a few on to try others, (kept too many of them - the obsessed bit), but had a ball.
Never really lost anything significant on any of them (ended up with loads of odd scopes and gun slips along the way though)

That way you will know the decision you make has been the right one, not a compromise, learnt a hell of a lot and ironed out some of the variables of which there are many! Probably found some glass that compliments the gun/you well and have a package that is the best for you and the way you shoot.

Happy hunting.............! Oh did I mention the don't get obsessed bit?

Kind Regards


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