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Daystate Mk3 /4..
If your not frightened by electrics then the DS MK3 & Mk4 are very accurate guns and with the pre-silencer and main silencer / shrouded barrel are pretty silent.
The mag works well "for ratting" and having shot in many torrential rain storms year the electrics perform faultlessly, but just in case I'd recommend you strip the action from the stock after every damp shoot.

I started with a Mk3. I'd read the comics and it was to be a HW100 but the std Daystate MK3 stock fitted me better than the HW's.... then retirement gave me a 'wedge' to buy a pressy and as "the wife" liked the look of the stripy Gary-Cane wooden bits on a Steyr I was looking at, I spent the before she changed her mind.

The DS sold quick with money back so I reccomend you buy something that you can't loose (much) on.
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