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Hi David. for that sort of cash most top end rifles can be bought SH.

Steyr - Pro's - superb fit/trigger/accuracy and easy to service, high shot count. Cons - if you get a Lemon it can be a total dog to get firing right. Only ever come across one that almost beat me but got it sussed in the end. On the other hand will be servicing one at the weekend that hasn't missed a beat in the past 4 years with no work done at all. Dirt/dust can get into the action through the side cocking lever but carrying the rifle around the course in a bag reduced this considerably.

Walther Dommie - Pro's - slightly better trigger than the Steyr/accurate and has been proven over and over again by Pete Dutton. action is accessed underneath so probably better at preventing ingress of crud. Con's needs work to fit as well as a Steyr and they can be a bit jumpy when getting close to 790fps. Mine would blow hot and cold every other shoot and i found i was always a couple of targets under my expected score.

EV2 - Pro's decent fit/trigger/accuracy. Majority not pellet fussy and easy enough to service. Proven success on the FT circuit which is odd that there's not more on the HFT circuit. Con's - personally i find the balance a bit odd...too far forward for me and it also feels too long. still hear of reg problems arising and the fact that there are so many aftermarket regs out there is proof. if i didn't know steyrs so well i would probably shoot one or an MPR. Mainly because of the proximity of Barry Taylor if the reg goes pop on the EV.

MPR...goes without saying that it would need to be in a custom stock but a doddle to service and very accurate. trigger takes a bit of work to get right/set up. The last 2 MPR's i shot grouped as well as my Steyr at 55 yards but just didn't have the comfy/superb fit of the Steyr. Low shot count puts me off and added regs have caused probs in the past.
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