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Originally Posted by D Hat View Post
Your like a stuck record, Steve didn't have anything to do with setting that course , I set it. The course has been left out for our club comp this weekend if anybody wants to give it ago, it doesn't differ from one of our club league courses much it just happened to be one of the windiest winter league shoots we'd had, it sounds like your suggesting we put it out like that because it was our last csfta shoot?
Quite agree Dave, I personally did not find it much longer than the previous two. However the wind really made the difference. For me the first pair of targets in the range area I needed edge of kill for the first one and gave about a kill for the second one only to see it go straight despite feeling the wind in the hair.

The long target at the top of the steps (lane 11ish I think) there were no hits on the left and I hit right side of plate and was off the edge of target by over a kill. Every lane you needed to try and read the wind. The area I struggle with the most was the last 3 lanes as the sun was giving me scope some serious lense flare and not really sure how to stop it at the moment.

Very difficult to read and I think the scores on the day showed the challenge.
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