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I practice as often as I can and I still don't think it's enough. This time last year I was doing 3/4 week nights for a couple of hours, then both days at the weekend! Now I've an agreement that it'll only be 2 week nights max and 1 day at the weekend.

I try and shoot the FT course at the Greyhound at least twice a week and generally shoot the course at whatever club shoot a couple of times after handing my card in. And always shoot the ones I missed until I get then 3 times in a row!

I'm not a natural shot so really have to work hard so I turn in performances I'm happy with, unlike a certain young lady who's currently snoring! Hopefully the longer I keep shooting the more consistent my performances will be. And I'll never spend as much time preparing for a comp as I used to for a Rugby match!

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