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Originally Posted by Gary Martin View Post
depends if barrel is full floated, and the harmonics of the barrel/speed of pellet. the desired is to have the pellet exit barrel at a node(tdc/bdc) of barrel movement.
This is not totally true. The desired is to exit the barrel close to a node but when the muzzle is still rotating upwards. This will result an automated correction: pellets with higher velocity fly out a little earlier, when the barrel still aims a very little lower. And slower pellets fly out later when the muzzle points a bit more upwards, compensating their less velocity. Worth reading:

This does work for small/big bore rifles, but I'm not really convinced that barrel harmonics would have any noticeable effect on an air rifle. I had been using my rifle with a lot of different barrel weights, air strippers and didn't really experience change in grouping.
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