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yes & no.
Yes. when I am going to check what the power is or doing a shot string on a rifle.
No. when I'm shooting HFT, as i think it's better to use pellets that suit your rifle, plus i'm not that good enough a shot to know if it was a slightly different weighted pellet, a wobble or the wind or all three together as to why I missed that easy target + I have never heard anyone say I miss that target because that pellet felt too heavy or too light

Are you able to tell the difference between a pellet that weighs 8.44 or 8 .57 of a grain over 45y into a 40mm kill zone?

If you are a top shot & shooting with a 95% average or above and you are looking for that extra couple of % then you will try everything to gain it.,washing, weighing, pellet sizing, cleaning your barrel after every tin and finding that perfect batch/die number.
and that's what compition is all about if you want to be the best you can, plus having the talent to be a very good shot helps too

I use JSB heavy's (.177) as I find then to have a very good tolerance within their weight and overall quality of the pellet out if the tin, but again i was lucky in that the one's I have are a very good batch/die number

I'm not saying don't do it, just remember that there are other variables to take into account. But if it works for you and gives you more confidence in your shooting then go for it

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