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Are the barrels on these likely to be similar to other BSA 0.177 barrels and won't group with the JSB/AA range? All the 0.177 barrels I've had won't touch the JSB/AA stuff. The best pellets have always been Bis Mags which most folk won't want to use for target stuff due to trajectory.

You have half a chance with Premier style pellets and Defiants ( which have just gone to Germany ).

When I spoke to BSA about this they always say ... the rifles you have are hunting rifles ... not target rifles ... so use the Magnums.

This gun looks aimed at HFT? Most target shooters use the JSB/AA pellets. Have BSA addressed this with the 0.177 barrels?

The old 0.22 barrels didn't seem pellet fussy but the 0.177 were/are very much so. Even Bowkett accepts this and started offering a replacement imported barrel for target shooters on his blueprinted S10's. He now doesn't seem keen on that when I recently spoke to him as it's a lot of trouble.

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