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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
See RobF's excellent item in the minutes. Ideas lobbed over the fence are fun for forum banter but to have anything made official it needs thinking through, discussed and engineered to be a simple motion that everyone can vote on yes/no. Only the Region Voting Rep has a vote (and only they can propose/second a motion). The new committee idea has merit but turning something in to a Shoot Rule is BFTA Cttee business. StB is fine for discussion but nothing said here matters a bean when it comes to getting the item through a Region's AGM or Committee meeting where the Voting Rep gets instructed (in most cases) as to the Region's views.

Of course, any Club can run courses anyway they want but that may not be to BFTA rules, etc.

All scopes to be banned, dioptre sights only permitted. Nobody would have a clue where the pellet lands unless the target falls over :-)
I think most people understand that Neil, the problem is with most oligarchical systems is people don't get involved or say anything. The amount of meetings I've sat in only for someone to say something on the way out happens all the time, so you have to change to system and give people a platform to submit things easily and offer help on refining ideas, spelling out what they need to do or offering help. That's what I understood the role of the steering committee to be.

The reality is very few people contact their reps so what's the solution or is there even a problem?
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