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Originally Posted by berty177 View Post
I still think any proposals would have to go through your regional reps mind..

Imagine some ideas some people would come up with..
Uphill shots not more than 5 degrees higher than sitting position etc..
Standers no more than 15 yards blah blah blah...
Yeah, you could/should still channel it properly, it's more that people on here come up with some good ideas but can't be bothered to contact their rep/BFTA so if you could cut and paste your idea, it would make communication easier and perhaps encourage people. Let's make it as easy as possible and see what happens.

I've no doubt you'll still get some daft ideas but the idea of a steering committee would really work here. Take the NEFTA one on Hamsters, it would never have been tabled because the steering committee would have sent it back to the author for a definition. Helps focus things and people submitting get feedback.

A simple submission form is quick and easy to do and wouldn't cost anything to do.
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